Skin Marker Pen

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Ensure you always use a specialised Skin marker pen for your piercing needs. This makes them more hygienic for use on the client's skin rather than using any old pen that is lying around. In addition to this, the tone of ink used in these pens is ideal for marking skin as it shows up brightly against the natural colour of the body. This means it is easy to see the area where you have marked for the piercings position. Prevent any mistakes and incorrect placements that may occur if you use a regular black pen, as this can often lead to confusion with natural marks on the skin such as freckles or moles. This bright marker ensures you can make accurate incisions every time, leaving your clients happy with their piercing.

These skin marker pens are ideal for use in the piercing industry. They are completely skin safe and non-toxic for use on your clients without worrying about reactions or allergies. The bright colour of the ink used in these skin markers is perfect for identifying areas on the body as the tone shows up easily against the natural skin tone. Ensure you can easily identify the exact place for the piercing by using one of these markers. The bright colour of this pen means you will always get perfect placement of the piercing. In the past piercers have used dark marker pens and then confused the identifying piercing placement marks with naturally occurring freckles or moles on the skin. This can lead to a badly placed piercing, especially if they need to be symmetrical. By using a bright blue ink, these types of mistakes can be avoided and you will always be able to make accurate incisions. Think can be wiped clean from the skin with a little effort, meaning you can redraw the placement markers if the client is not happy the first time or simply wants to change its position. However the ink will not just rub off the skin, meaning you can be sure that the marker will be exactly where you need it.