Skin Divers (packs of 10)

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These titanium skin divers will be strong and durable, meaning they will withstand the wear and tear of everyday life. These studs are made from titanium so they are 100% allergen free. This means that they can safely be used with all clients, even those who have suffered reactions and irritation from low grade metals and alloys in the past. Titanium will not cause this type of adverse reaction and is ideal for producing permanent body jewellery such as these skin diver pieces. They are available in 4 different colours and supplied in packs of 10 singular colour skin divers.
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Skin Diver 4mm Head & Plate - AB Crystal
45,79 € inkl. Mwst.: 54,95 €
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Skin Divers 4mm head & plate - Pink
43,65 € inkl. Mwst.: 52,38 €
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Skin Divers 4mm head & plate - Cubic Zirconia
51,99 € inkl. Mwst.: 62,39 €
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Skin Divers 4mm head & plate - Aqua
43,65 € inkl. Mwst.: 52,38 €
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Skin Divers 4mm head & plate - Mixed Bag
52,59 € inkl. Mwst.: 63,11 €
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These titanium skin divers are easily inserted in a wide range of places on the body. They can be placed almost anywhere, but some areas are more problematic with issues such as the jewellery regularly being caught or knocked. Many people accessorise their tattoos by adding the jewelled skin divers or studs into the design to add another element to their body artwork. These skin divers are made from titanium and this is an ideal material for jewellery that is being inserted under the skin. Titanium weighs half as much as surgical steel, meaning it will put less strain and stress on the piercing site, as well as reducing the likelihood of the skin stretching or sagging over time in the future. Skin divers have a top section that is usually featuring a coloured jewel like these particular products. There is then a short stem section and a rounded base which sits underneath the skin. Skin divers are not interchangeable in the same way that the dermal anchors colours can be changed. These skin divers are a permanent piece of jewellery and are usually inserted using a biopsy punch to remove the area of skin so the jewellery can replace it and sit level against the surface.