Shapes Reg Gold Star

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This particular selection of earring is an ideal and attractive choice, suitable for a wide variety of your customers, regardless of whether they have had their ears re-pierced or they just got their first piercing. This selection provides you with an attractive and simple gold plated star design that measures approximately 4mm, making it an appealing, average sized selection, but with a slightly larger than average earring post measuring around 2mm. This larger post allows the piercing to heal a little larger, making it easier for your customers to get their jewellery in and out once finished healing. Because this is a gold plated selection it provides an exceptional option or everyday use, even if you have sensitive ears. These are supplied individually in sterile packaging and with butterfly backings to give the best possible standard of safety and security.
For you and your customers there are plenty of options to choose from for the ideal piercing jewellery, and this particular selection is just one of the many designs available. The simple but attractive options provided within this particular range of products gives an ideal solution for an attractive first pair of earrings. The design of this particular selection offers a fantastic gold plated start shape, with the design and manufacture of the earrings done by the known and trusted Studex, these are an ideal selection for sensitive ears. The star shape measures approximately 4mm, and provides a very simple but very appealing design that your customers will be certain to love. There are an excellent piece of costume jewellery and just one of the items available from the high quality Studex range. The gold plating on the earing makes them an ideal selection of everyday wear, particularly if your customers have sensitive ears, and the earring posts with these particular selections are slightly larger than usual, measuring around 2mm, making them a fantastic option for a first pair of earrings; making the piercing heal a little larger and thus easier for your customer to work with when healed. These are supplied in individual, sterile packs and include butterfly backings to ensure that they hold securely in place.