September - Sapphire

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When it comes to helping your customers find the ideal selection for their first set of piercing jewellery you have a variety of options to offer them, but of course you have to ensure it is something that they would be happy to wear on an everyday basis, something that is going to be easy to clean and encourage the proper healing of their piercing as well as something suitable to their particular needs, which is exactly what you get with this range of products. This uses a 2mm earring post, which encourages the piercing to heal larger, making it easier to work with, and uses gold plating on the bezel setting to ensure that this is suitable even for customers with sensitive ears. Not to mention this offers a particularly vibrant and attractive sapphire design for the September birthstone selection.
There are plenty of options available to you when it comes to helping your customers find the best possible solution for the first set of jewellery for their piercings, and of course just one of the options available is the selection of birthstone earrings like these. This particular option is the sapphire, the September birthstone, and provides a fantastically bold and vibrant shade of blue which is framed with a gold plated bezel setting, this not only enhances the colours within the jewellery, making it bold against the skin and helping the piercings to stand out, but also makes it a more comfortable selection to wear on an everyday basis, as this ensures it provides a suitable option even for those with sensitive ears. The design measures approximately 4mm, making this a reasonably average sized selection, but with the larger than average earring post. The earring post is approximately 2mm, and gives a particularly effective selection for a first pair of earrings because the increased size means that the piercing is encouraged to heal a little larger, which does make it easier to work with once fully healed. This is of course a very hygienic and safe selection, not only using hypo-allergenic, hygienic materials in the manufacture process, but supplied in individual packaging with the required butterfly backings to give the best possible results.