September - Sapphire

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This particular selection is of course part of the birthstone range of products and offers you a particularly attractive selection of sapphire stone, which gives a beautiful example of the September birthstone. To enhance the appearance of this particular selection the design uses a silver coloured stainless steel bezel setting, which emphasises the colours and shape to give the design a more defined look and helps it stand out more against the skin. Of course the use of the stainless steel also ensures that this particular selection is a hypo-allergenic one, suitable even for customers with sensitive ears. The design is a mini stud earring with a design measuring just 2mm, but with a 2mm earring stud, slightly larger than usual, to encourage the piercing to heal a little larger.
This particular selection of stud piercing gives you a vibrant and attractive shade of blue in a sapphire stone, which provides a perfect example of the September birthstone and gives you an attractive design that a wide variety of customers will love. Of course this is part of the birthstone products range, and has been designed to provide a particularly suitable selection for fresh piercings, given that this uses a high standard of stainless steel, which not only produces the attractive bezel setting for enhancing the appearance of the stone, but also gives a hygienic and hypo-allergenic surface to ensure your customers comfort, even if they have sensitive ears. The design of this particular stud earring measures approximately 2mm, which does make this a smaller, cuter little option which is particularly popular among younger customers. This does also use a slightly larger earring post, also measuring 2mm, which means that the piercing is encouraged to heal a little larger, so the piercing is easier for your customers to work with once it is healed fully. To ensure that you can have complete confidence while working with these selections of piercing jewellery they are supplied in individual, sterile blister packs, having been pre-sterilised. As well as this, to ensure that your customers have everything they need, the pack includes the appropriate butterfly backings for the earrings, which give a secure and reliable option that is easy to use.