Polished Round Liner - 0.30mm - ST

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Standard Taper 3.0mm Diameter 0.30mm/10 - There are a lot of considerations that go into selecting the perfect needle for the job, even if youメre just looking for a needle for lining. At Barber DTS we understand the importance of getting the right needle, not only with regards to the specifications of the needle and their impact on the result, but with the convenience that the needle provides to you as a tattoo artist. We supply an extensive range of needles, including this which is a disposable single use option, to give you the ultimate in hassle-free experience. The needle is pre-soldered, pre-sterilised and individually packaged, allowing you to work straight out of the box should you choose, and we supply these as packs of 50 to ensure that you have everything you need.
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5 Round Liner Polished
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7 Round Liner Polished
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8 Round Liner Polished
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11 Round Liner Polished
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14 Round Liner Polished
22,49 € inkl. Mwst.: 26,99 €
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There are plenty of options for needle types and sizes from us, including this selection of 03 round liners. The real benefit of our products is the convenience they provide, these are pre-soldered items, so you wonメt have to worry about putting together your own needle configurations, and of course these are supplied as a pack of 50, so you wonメt be running short any time soon. One of the most convenient factors of our needles is that they are a single use, completely disposable option, which means that you will never have to worry about scrubbing and sterilising theses needles between uses. These are sterilised using ethylene gas and then individually packaged in sterile blister packs, so you can be completely sure that youメre working with a completely clean and safe needle, even if you use it straight out of the box. These needles offer a slightly longer than average taper, which means that you have a clearer, sharper line; perfect for higher levels of detail and awkward areas, and because the needles are smooth and polished to a high standard you can be sure that they will push the colour into the skin smoothly and effortlessly every time. Tattoo artists quickly learn to understand the importance of the needle selection, and the difference that it can make to the outcome of your tattoo design. It is, for this reason, important that you have a selection of different needle types, sizes and specifications at hand, to ensure that you have access to all of the effects you want when you need them. These are no shortage of options available, and finding a good standard of product is not always very easy, however we at Barber DTS aim to provide you with everything you could possibly need. It is little wonder that our own needles are one of our most popular brands, because we offer such a wide range of sizes, types and specifications to help ensure that you have the best possible selection for your individual requirements, and of course all of these are manufactured to a high standard.