Ring Forceps 5.5mm hole

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Barber DTS are please to present the 5.5mm hole ring forceps. Used by professional piercers on a daily basis to help them perform professional piercings. The forceps are designed to grip only a small amount of skin so that the piercing is more precise and accurate. They also maintain a constant tension on the skin as they do not meet on the first ‘click’. Made to the highest of standards and in accordance with all European piercing regulations. A must have for the professional piercer.
5.5mm hole ring forceps are great to have in any piercing studio. Specifically designed for gripping the smallest amount of skin so that piercings are more precise and accurate for a flawless and professional finish. The ends of the forceps are designed so that they do not meet on the first ‘click’ making sure that the piercer is able to maintain a constant tension. The forceps are made to the highest of standards with the best materials available on the market. Made with the artist in mind to ensure that they meet your needs and expectations. To make sure that the forceps last you a long time it is important to make sure that you care for them properly. Doing so will prolong their life and prevent the risk of cross contamination. After each use the forceps should be thoroughly cleaned in an ultrasonic machine to remove any debris from them. Only once this has done can they be placed in the autoclave for steam sterilisation. Made by Pierce Artist, a company that specialises in training course for those wanting to learn the piercing trade. Available are modules for beginners and advanced classes for those already qualified looking to learn new skills.