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These surgical style scissors are available in two different configurations. They are different blade end options including Blunt/Sharp and Sharp/Sharp. This does not refer to the sharpness and cutting ability of the scissors' blades but rather the shape at the end of the blade. This is either rounded to create a "blunt" blade or shaped into a point to make a "sharp" blade. Having a pair of scissors with a rounded blade end on one side can allow you to make cuts in smaller or awkward places that using Sharp/Sharp scissors would not be possible without causing another incision by accident.

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Scissors 5”-Blunt/Sharp
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Scissors 5”-Sharp/Sharp
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These surgical scissors are very useful to have on hand in your tattoo or piercing studio. They are formed from stainless steel, making them very tough and strong for a variety of uses. They are also able to sterilised and subjected to the autoclave process. These scissors are available in two different configurations; blunt/sharp and sharp/sharp. These sharpness levels do not refer to the cutting ability of the scissors but rather the end of the scissor blades. They can be rounded to form a "blunt" end or shaped into a point so they are a "sharp" end. These options mean that they are suitable for different tasks. The Blunt/Sharp scissors can be more useful for getting into smaller or more difficult to reach areas without the sharp blade causing an incision, leading to pain and discomfort. These scissors have a 5" blade, meaning that they are small enough to be easy to handle and operated whilst performing another task. These scissors are a very affordable supply and are very handy to have in your studio, as you may need them sooner than you think. These hardwearing scissors will not let you down when you need them in your studio.