Redemption Aftercare

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This is a popular and effective option for using both during the tattooing process and during the aftercare process, providing you with an effective and reliable alternative to petroleum. This massages evenly and easily into the skin, to provide a soothing feeling, this offers a fantastic lubricant during the tattooing process, allowing the needle to move easily over the skin without any of the clogging and clumping that is often experienced with petroleum, and of course this won’t leave a greasy feeling on the skin or clog the pores. This also offers a fantastic soothing effect during healing, to reduce irritation and provide a more comfortable experience, as well as create a protective barrier over the tattoo which protects the vibrancy of the colours and prevents infection from external bacteria.
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Redemption Aftercare - 1oz
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Regardless of whether you’re a tattoo artist or recipient of tattoos you are sure to find appreciate some of the fantastic uses for which particular product selection, which provides you with an attractive and reliable alternative to petroleum. While petroleum based products tend to be a thick, sticky and smelly option that can cause discomfort to the customer, clog the pores and even cause blockages in the machine and clog up the needle during the tattooing process, this is a smooth, easy and gentle alternative. There is no unpleasant smell, it doesn’t block up the pores, it doesn’t leave a greasy feel or block the pores, it just offers a fantastic, 100% nature lubricant and aftercare solution. This soothes the skin during the tattooing process, as well as keeping it gently moisturised to allow the needle to move more smoothly and comfortably over the skin and reduce flaking of the skin during the process of tattooing. As an aftercare it continues to sooth the fresh wound and offer a more comfortable healing process, providing an effective barrier against bacteria while protecting the vibrancy of the tattoo. Only a small amount is needed, as this massages easily and evenly into the skin and can be applied 2-3 times a day of optimal results.