Rapizyme Enzyme Cleaner 1 litre

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When seeking a cleaning fluid for your piercing or tattooing studio you can?t go wrong with the Rapizyme option, this is a highly effective and reliable cleaning fluid. Not only does it provide low foaming, making it more ideal for auto washers and washer disinfectors, but it is also one of the easiest cleaning fluids to use. This will break down protein and remove organic matter without you even having to scrub, it is as simple as applying the cleaning fluid, leaving it a while, and then wiping it up. You won?t even have to leave it for long; this is a very fast and effective option with triple enzyme action and an effective but non-corrosive formula to ensure that it provides the ideal solution, even for the jobs you hate doing, but doesn?t cause any damage even to your most delicate equipment.
This particular option, Rapizyme Enzyme Cleaner, is supplied in one litre containers so as to ensure that you have an abundant source of cleaner fluid for all of your needs. This is a popular and efficient option when it comes to finding an enzymatic cleaner, as this will not only clean but helps to prepare for sterilisation, regardless of whether you?re using this for endoscopes, instruments or equipment. Rapizyme offers you tripe enzyme action, to clean thoroughly, and it works quickly so you won?t need to sit and scrub it in, the cleaning fluid will work its way into the dirt and break it apart quickly and easily, ideal for ultrasonic cleaners. This cleaning fluid offers a variety of applications, with low foaming that allows it to be used in auto washers and disinfectors. This is CE marked, non-hazardous, biodegradable, PH neutral and independently tested, which ensures that you?re getting the best possible results from your selection of this product. The cleaning fluid removes all organic matter, and is a bacteriostatic option, this breaks down protein residues, removes stuck tissue, blood and anything else that might be on your equipment, most importantly this is a non-corrosive option that will provide the perfect gentle touch for your more delicate instruments.