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These surgical style clamps are ideal for use in the piercing studio, as they ensure that the skin and flesh is always held securely with the instruments and tools. These tools are produced in surgical steel, meaning that they can be completely cleaned and sterilised through the autoclave process. These surgical clamps are ideal for having a secure grip on the awkward areas of skin such as the tongue or navel. They are available in either open or closed end options to ensure that you always have the correct tool for the task at hand. Open ended clamps are ideal for tongue piercings as it means that the clamp can be removed before the needle is taken out.
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Rampleys Clamp 7”-Closed End
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Rampleys Clamp 7”-Open End
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These stainless steel clamps are originally created for surgical applications but are now always used in piercing procedures. They allow for secure grip and control of the section of skin. This is ideal for piercing applications as it means that the piercer is truly focused on the small area involved in the creation of the new piercing. These Rampleys Clamps are available in both open and closed end versions. The closed end gives a secure grip on the area ready to be pierced. The open end is commonly used on the tongue and with the open end split it allows the piercer to remove the clamp prior to removal of the needle. This can help to reduce blood loss and bruising. These types of clamps are also often used on the navel and earlobes piercings. These clamps also have a minimal level of serration on the rounded head, meaning that they are ideal for holding skin in awkward areas that may have less grip such as the tongue. The clamps are sized as 7" and are produced from surgical steel. This makes them reusable and suitable for delicate cleaning as well as the autoclave procedure.