Pump Tops for 500ml bottles

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Pump tops such as these are often used in medical applications and surgical environments, especially when doctors, nurses and surgeons are scrubbing in for surgery preparation. Being able to use the pump system with either your forearm or elbow means that your hands do not become contaminated by touching the bottle once more. Reducing the amount of handling a product gets can be very useful in cutting down the risk of cross-contamination. Pump tops can be useful when dealing with products that need to be carefully measured as it is much easier to control the amount of liquid or solution that is being dispensed.

These useful pump tops are compatible with bottles of 500ml capacity. It is often very handy to have a pump on the top of a bottle as it allows for easy dispensing of the product or liquid contained inside. It is ideal for applications where the product is in use several times a day or may be needed very quickly. A pump top can also be used for large containers that may be heavy or awkward to manoeuvre carefully and safely. By adding a pump top, it removes the need to pour or angle the container. An easy to use pump top also means you will no longer need to struggle with stiff or difficult to open container tops or screw on lids with can be tricky to undo. A pump top can also make using a product more sanitary as it can be operated with your forearm or elbow rather than needing to be used by hand. This is especially helpful if you have hands that are dirty but need the product inside e.g. anti-bacterial soap for washing hands. The pump top helps to minimise the risk of contamination touching with contaminated or ungloved hands.