Prince Albert Piercing Kit

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The Prince Albert tool is designed specifically for piercing the male genitalia where the urethra begins and where the glans meet at the shaft of the penis. The tool is designed to pierce only 2.4mm into the Prince Albert at a right angle. This prevents the needle from being pushed to far into the penis causing it to scratch or damage the inside of it or any other area of the genitalia. A brilliant tool made for the quick, clean and accurate incision of a needle. A must have for any professional piercer in the industry.
The Prince Albert tool by Pierce Artist is designed specifically for piercing the end of a males genitalia, where the urethra begins and where the glans meet the shaft of the penis. It is a clever tool that allows the piercer to pierce the Prince Albert to 2.4mm exactly a safe distance for the piercing to be at. It also makes sure that the piercing is done at a right angle to the base of the penis so that the needle isn’t pushed through too far. This helps to eliminate any risk of the needle scratching the inside of the penis or any other part of the genitalia. With the Prince Albert tool you will be able to complete the piercing in a split second so that it is quick, clean and accurate. A must have tool for any professional piercer and a great addition to have in the studio. Pierce Artist is a fantastic company that offers a number of training courses to those looking for a career in piercing. Their different modules are designed to give the trainee an in depth knowledge and understanding of what it takes to become a piercer. Advanced courses are also available for those already in the industry looking to improve on their skills.