Panthera Latex Gloves

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These high quality latex gloves from leading manufacturer Panthera have an advanced processing technique used in their creation. This means that they are less likely than the majority of latex gloves to cause type I and IV allergic reactions. These gloves are also powder free, meaning there is less risk of contamination and allergy to this type of material. The gloves produced by Panthera have a special polymer coating to make them easy to put on and remove, no matter how long you have been wearing them. The advanced super-grip coating, combined with their texture surfaces, ensures that you will always be able to handle your machine and piercing supplies with ease. This is true even if the glove is wet or damp.
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Extra Large Gloves
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These high quality latex gloves have been specially designed for use in the tattoo industry by tattoo artists themselves. By truly understanding the needs of a tattoo artist, Panthera are able to create the ideal product to suit their needs. This professional brand boasts over 11 years of international acclaim. They are guaranteed 100% NR Latex with no fillers in their make-up. This helps to increase the stretch and flexibility of the glove. By using high quality gloves you can ensure that you are able to stay comfortable during long tattoo sessions whilst maintain the barrier of protection that is necessary in the tattoo industry. They have been created in an intense matt black shade to help you create a frame around the small area you are currently working on. This helps you to truly focus on your tattooing skills, as well as reducing the amount of eye strain caused from artificial light sources used in a tattoo studio. The black colour also helps to disguise any ink stains accumulated during the tattoo process. The gloves are also fully textured in the palm and finger sections, to ensure that you have the right amount of grip needed for holding the tattoo machine and handling needles and tubes without difficulty.