Plastic Oversleeves Disposable

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Disposable plastic oversleeves are available from Barber DTS in packs of 100 and are ideal for protecting your clothing and skin from blood or ink while tattooing. The sleeves feature elasticated ends which gives added protection and security and also avoid the sleeve slipping or falling down. They are ideal for tattooing large areas where your arm in moving a lot. The sleeves measure 20cm x 40cm and one size will fit most. The sleeves should be used in conjunction with gloves as they are not designed as a replacement. The sleeves are available for Barber DTS in packs of 100.
Using disposable plastic sleeves when tattooing is a great way to maintain hygiene standards in your studio and keep yourself and your clothing protected from any splashes of blood or ink. They are particularly ideal for when you are covering large areas such as big back piece as your arm will be moving around more than usual. The sleeves are approximately 40cm in length and will most people. The elasticated end means that there will be no slipping whilst you work, they should stay in place throughout the duration of use. The sleeves are packaged in boxes of 100.