Organic Jewellery - Horn Jig Saw Spiral

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Organic Jewellery - Horn Jig Saw Spiral
These spirals are a high quality item to have in your studio. They are available in 5 different sizes including 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and 12mm. Allow your customers to choose the correct size for their piercing by ordering a selection of products. These spirals can also be adjusted within the piercing and secured using rubber O rings to keep the item in place within the skin. However this is not usually necessary with wooden and horn jewellery as it has a natural texture that helps to keep it secure. These jigsaw spirals are ideal for adding to the piercing supply collection available in your studio.
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These jigsaw design spirals are hand carved from buffalo horn. They have a striking design with the monochrome colour scheme. This is created by the dark tone of the horn against the pale inlay of the zig zags. This creates the jigsaw effect on the jewellery and makes it stand out from standard spirals. These spirals are tapered and allow you to increase the gauge of your piercings easily. It means you can do this slowly and gradually so it is done properly, rather than carrying it out too quickly and risk splitting or stretching the ear. This is a common issue for gauged and stretched ear piercings that are not using the proper equipment. These high quality pieces of jewellery are ideal for adding to the collection of products in your piercing studio. They are a superb item for showing off in one of our silicone body part piercing displays. These enable the customer to truly visualise how the jewellery will look in their own piercing and makes them more likely to purchase the spiral. These are all hand carved by skilled craftsmen who use buffalo horn to create the shapes. Due to this individual process there may be some slight variation between the products as they are made from a natural material.