Mini Ink Mixer

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If you find yourself constantly in need of mixing up new colours the mini ink mixer is for you. This clever little machine is battery operated and come equipped with stirring rods that can be attached and detached. The rods are washable and can be sterilised to use again. The mini ink mixer will help you achieve the colour you are after whether it be a lighter/darker shade of what you already have or something completely different. This is a brilliant addition to any artist’s accessory collection and is something that we are sure you won’t be disappointed with.
As a tattooist you will have all the colours of ink you can possibly think you need. There comes a time though when you find yourself needing another colour, or a lighter/darker shade of what you already have. This is where the mini ink mixer comes in, the clever little machine will mix your ink together in a safe and hygienic manner. The ink mixer is designed so that ink can be mixed directly in an ink cap without creating a mess. Simply add one of the attachable mixing rods to the end of machine and power it up. The rods that are supplied with the machine are reusable as long as they are properly sterilised to prevent contamination. This brilliant device is a great addition to any tattooist accessories, allowing them to create all manner of colours. Whether you are looking for grey wash colours or something a little more distinctive, the mini ink mixer can help you to achieve it. We are certain that this device will be of great use to you and that you will not be disappointed with it. The stirring rod measures 5” and is operated with 2 AA batteries.