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These mepore dressings are produced to surgical standards, ensuring that they are professional grade to meet your needs in the tattoo studio. Great for protecting and dressing new tattoos and piercings, these adhesive dressings from Mepore are a superb product. Their self-adhesive nature mean that you no longer to need to apply them and keep in place with various surgical tapes. Made from an elastic, non-absorbent fabric it is coated with a skin- friendly polyacrylate adhesive, meaning it will not damage or irritate the skin. The absorbent wound pad is a low adherent polyolefin coated area meaning it will not cause trauma during the dressing changes.
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Mepore Dressing 6 x 7cm
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Mepore Dressing 9 x 10cm
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These high quality Mepore dressings are available in a wide variety of sizes to suit all kinds of tattoos and piercings. Whatever you need to create a dressing for, ensure that you use a Mepore dressing as they are a professional grade medical supply. The porous structure of the Sontara non-woven fabric that these dressing are made of is ideal for wounds, cuts and grazes as well as tattoos. The porous nature of the fabric allows air and water vapour permeability, creating ideal conditions for the skin to heal. The fabric is also non-absorbent so it provides the ideal barrier for blood and fluid strike-through. The adhesive used in these dressings is specially designed to be gentle to the skin. By using polyacrylate adhesive, the dressing will secure fix to the skin's surface without leaving residue or irritation upon removal. The wound pad in the centre of these dressings means that they can absorb any excess fluid from the wound, while not adhere or attached to the wound itself. The pad is coated with a polyolefin coating so there is no trauma when changing to a clean dressing. These dressings are also packaged to ensure that they remain sterile while being attached to the wound area. The protection foil allows for sterile application, as well as making it an easy process to handle.