Finepore Tape

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This finepore surgical tape is ideal for attaching dressing to the skin, as it is a soft breathable tape. Being porous, means that is suitable for allowing the skin to breathe while it is healing and will not cause the associated sweating and moisture from other dressings. It is designed for long term wear and is moderately resistant to water immersion. This strong and durable tape will help ensure that the dressing stays in place without causing trauma to the surrounding skin upon removal. It will also not leave any type of sticky residue on the surface of the skin when you have finished with the dressing.
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Finepore Tape-1.25cm x 9.1m
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Finepore Tape-2.5cm x 9.1m
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This Finepore surgical tape is a medical supply and is ideal for use in the tattoo industry. It is micro porous, meaning that the non-woven synthetic material will easily allow moisture to escape. This helps to provide excellent adhesion to the skin's surface whilst remaining gentle on the skin and will not cause and rashes or discomfort. This surgical tape is designed for long term wear on the skin, as well as being resistant to water immersion. Finepore tape is both soft and flexible, meaning that is ideal for use in awkward areas of the body, including close to joints or places with a lot of movement. This will cause minimal trauma to the skin when it is removed after the dressing is no longer needed or ready to be changed. Finepore is completely latex free, ensuring that there is no concern is for any clients with allergies or reactions to products containing latex. Using this finepore tape in your studio is ideal for attaching dressings to freshly completed tattoos, as well as adding protection to new piercings that may be in a vulnerable area. It is a soft tape, meaning it will not scratch or cause friction against the surrounding areas of skin causing unnecessary irritation.