Meliseptol Disinfectant

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These professional grade disinfectant products from Braun include the Meliseptol cleanser which is available in both liquid form and disposable wipes. Whichever you prefer, we can offer you these industry level cleaning supplies at a great price. Give yourself peace of mind when using these products in your studio. Ready to use and fast acting, you can be sure that the surfaces are always clean and sanitary. Meliseptol is active against bacteria, mycobacteria, yeasts and viruses. This includes HBV, HIV and HCV. The disposable wipes from Braun are very handy and convenient to keep close by in your tattoo studio, as you can safely and easily clean an area, knowing that is truly sanitary once more.
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Braun Meliseptol Rapid 1ltr
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These disinfectant products from Braun are specially created for the industries where exceptional levels of cleanliness are crucial, including medical and surgical applications. Heavily used in both hospitals, doctors, dentists and veterinary surgeries, Meliseptol cleansers are perfect for the tattoo and piercing industry as well. It is ready to use and is a very fast acting disinfectant surface cleanser. It is an alcoholic based formula, which remains active and always ready to use instantly. It is both aldehyde and alkylamine free, as well as being fully virucidal. Use this superb disinfectant surface cleaner throughout your tattoo studio for peace of mind that all the areas are thoroughly clean and sterile for use. Eliminate the bacteria and infection levels that are often present after a tattooing session. It easily removes contaminants from the studio, leaving hard surfaces gleaming and sanitary. It is active against bacteria, mycobacteria, yeasts and viruses. This includes HBV, HIV and HCV. We have bottles of cleanser in 250ml and 1 litre sizes. In addition to the liquid surface cleanser, we also have the Braun Meliseptol Wipes which are very convenient and act as a completely disposable method of cleansing and disinfecting the surfaces in your tattoo studio.