Max Signorello RCA Connector

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This is a simple, black power connector for RCA connections from Max Signorello. The cord is light, flexible and very reliable, given that it is produced using robust, excellent quality silicone casing that insulates and protects the wiring, which is particularly useful in a busier working environment. This is a reliable way of effectively and consistently delivery power, and helps to ensure that any sudden and unexpected power drops or surges are avoided as much as possible. RCA connections are not possible with all tattoo machines and are more common with rotary machines, though they are available with some coil machines, these provide a more heavy duty, consistent and reliable option than clip cord power supplies, making them particularly popular.

The Max Signorello RCA connector is a high quality product, using a high standard of silicone casing to protect the wiring and insulate the cord, this is an effective option for a wide variety of tattoo machines, more commonly used with RCA machines, though there are some coil tattoo machines that provide RCA compatibility, for a more reliable power source over the usual clip cords. This ensures that the cord offers a higher voltage capacity than some of the alternatives, and also helps to ensure that this voltage is maintained, reducing and avoiding voltage drop as much as possible. This is of course a very lightweight and flexible option, that provides and effective and constant delivery of power, making it a very popular selection for a wide variety of tattoo machines. However, it is important to remember that a proper power supply be used, particularly when working with a rotary machine. The motor within a rotary machine can become damaged if the power isn?t not supplied correctly, and while a high quality RCA connector like this can help to avoid sudden voltage changes that might damage the motor it cannot completely protect against a poor quality power supply unit.