Magnum Long Taper 0.35mm Magic Moon

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Magic Moon round liner needles consist of numerous individual needles being attached to a singular bar. This specific set of needles has three 0.30mm needles in the circular shape, allowing you to create smooth and clean outlines with ease. Adding bold lines within a tattoo design can drastically affect the overall appearance. If these lines are uneven, ragged or patchy where the ink has not been applied into the skin smoothly, then it can have a hugely negative impact on the tattoo. Ensure that you won't encounter these problems alongside needles that barb or curl during the tattooing process by choosing Magic Moon needles for your equipment set up.
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These Round Liner needles from Magic Moon allow you to create truly stunning pieces of tattoo work. Manufactured from stainless steel, these needles are ideal for tattoo artists and industry professionals. With some of the strictest health and safety guidelines in the needle production business, Magic Moon continue to bring premium products to the market. They inspect their needles thoroughly throughout the production process, in addition to another inspection upon the completion of manufacturing. The needles are examined individually once more on delivery to their distributor, usually in America. These safeguards ensure you never receive a fault or poorly made set of needles from Magic Moon. This level of dedication to quality and customer satisfaction is a demonstration of their commitment to supply professional quality products to the tattoo industry. Members of the Magic Moon team are tattoo artists themselves, meaning they can help to develop needles for specific purposes and techniques. They can also advise on their experiences with low quality and poorly made needles. This type of feedback is invaluable and allows Magic Moon to continuously improve the products they offer. Their wide product range allows you to experiment and develop your skills as an artist. The tattoo industry is constantly changing and evolving, as trends come and go as well as newer technologies and methods being introduced.