Large Jewellery Forceps Needleholders

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Large jewellery needle holder forceps are brilliant for everyday use in a piercing studio. Designed specifically for holding jewellery to aid in their application. The forceps have grooves that are found on the inside and out to help grip jewellery tight so that it doesn’t slip or become lost. There is also a small groove that can be used for holding balls when tightening or loosening them. Made to the highest of standards and with the artist in mind to meet all of your needs and expectations. a must have for the professional piercer.
The large jewellery needle holder forceps is a great tool to have in any piercing studio. Designed specifically for holding pieces of jewellery that measure 1.6mm to aid in the application of them. The forceps have grooves on the inside and outside of their clamp ends designed to grip the jewellery firmly so that it doesn’t get lost or slip away. They also have a small indent on them capable of holding a ball so that it can be tightened or loosened. Made to the highest of standards using the best materials available on the market. Designed to be strong, resilient and long lasting so that you get the best experience from your working tools. Barber DTs work alongside Pierce Artist, a company that supply training courses for those looking to enter the piercing industry. They have a number of modules that can be taken which give a trainee an in depth knowledge and understanding of the piercing trade. Advance classes are also available for those who are already qualified and looking to gain some new skills. It is important to ensure that the forceps are kept clean and sterilise at all times to prolong their life and prevent cross contamination.