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Using KY Jelly to apply stencils on your clients can be very useful if you are having a long tattooing session as it ensures that they stay clear and visible on the skin for a much longer period. It also makes them more resistant to being wiped away during the tattoo process when the area is being cleaned. Using this product on the skin also means that the excess pigment will simply pool on the skin's surface rather than being absorbed and staining the area. KY Jelly can also make it much easier to clean steel tips and needles as the debris does not become attached to equipment.
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KY Jelly can be used to apply stencils and keep the tattoo lubricated during the tattoo process. It can also make removing any excess pigment much easier when cleaning the skin and surrounding area. KY Jelly is also suitable for use with vegan and vegetarian clients as it contains no animal products. Many lubricants contain animal glycerin as opposed to vegetable glycerin. KY Jelly can also be sued in the piercing process as well as ensuring that jewellery can easily be inserted into the skin with minimal friction and drag which can cause irritation and pain for the client. KY Jelly is safe to use on the body and skin friendly, meaning it will not cause an allergic reaction or irritation on the surface of the skin. Many tattoo artists use KY Jelly to apply the tattoo stencils as it makes them more resistant to being wiped off during the tattoo process as well as staying consistent and clear throughout the stencil outline. KY Jelly can also help steel tubes and tips to be cleaned much easier, as well as ensuring that the excess pigment will pool on the surface of the skin rather than soaking in and staining.