Kneadable Putty Eraser

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The kneadable putty eraser is a fantastic and popular option for an artist eraser, given that the shape and surface area can be adapted to your individual needs to ensure that you gain the best possible results from your art. This has proven to be a particularly popular option as an experimental eraser for testing out new techniques and methods of highlighting or working with light materials like small amounts of graphite or charcoal. However, this can start to smear and stick when its temperature becomes too high, so it is not as effective an option for continued use in warm hands, and it is not as effective in completely erasing larger areas.
Putty erasers are a popular option for artists as they provides you with a soft, malleable eraser that helps to remove and blend charcoal, pastel, pencil drawings and sketches without ever bruising or smudging your drawing surface, so you get the best possible results for any artist, regardless of the media you choose to work with or the drawing surface you choose to work on. The eraser is, being a putty eraser, a very pliable option, with makes it a particularly useful selection for erasing small areas, as it means that you can shape it to provide the desired surface area; even a point if you choose to. This is a popular and useful method used in detailed work, or even used to create highlights in a piece. Putty erasers as most commonly used to remove the light charcoal of graphite marks, and of course offer subtractive drawing techniques, which are a fantastic option for artists who are experimenting with some varying techniques including different eraser techniques. These are not, however, a very suitable option for completely erasing large areas, and they may smear or stick if used in higher temperatures or in contact with warm skin for too long.