Intenze Raspberry

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Intenze raspberry is an attractive, natural shade of pink that is certain to provide an appealing addition to any number of your tattoo designs. This provides a long lasting and vibrant colour that works fantastically well alongside a variety of other colours, regardless of whether they are dark or light toned colours, as this soft mid tone shade is certain to offer a good, complementary colour to a wide variety of designs. This is also a great colour for mixing and blending, due to the softer and more natural nature of its colour. The ink is available in 1oz bottles which ensures you have everything you need and as with all inks supplied by us at Barber DTS this will be shipped fresh and sterile.
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This shade of pink offers a fantastic shade of bold pink which is certain to provide an attractive addition to any number of tattoo designs, being soft enough to work well alongside a variety of darker and bolder colours and of course light enough to work well alongside other light shades. The ink itself is a good option for mixing and blending, being an attractive and soft shade, this is available in a 1oz bottle, which provides you with another ink to handle the requirements of most tattoos effectively. This particular ink is of course part of the Intenze complete range of colours, which means that it is manufactured using the same high standards and the same specifically developed ink pigment. This pigment is the factor of the ink that allows it to hold the title of the world’s longest lasting pigment tattoo ink. This is certainly something that contributes to the ink’s popularity, but the tried and tested ink is one that is trusted by professional tattoo artists all around the world because of the impeccable quality the ink provides. We at Barber DTS aim to further improve the quality of the inks we supply be sterilizing all of the inks before delivery and never freezing them, which means that you can be completely confident that everything you order arrives clean, fresh and safe.