Intenze Papaya

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This is an attractive and softer shade of orange, which ensures that it is easier to blend with a selection of other shades and offers a durable, long lasting solution. The colour of the ink is strong enough to provide an appealing and bold option in a wide variety of designs, while being soft enough to ensure that it offers an excellent solution for mixing, blending and more natural based designs. The ink is produced using the longest lasting pigment in the world, as are all Intenze inks, which means that with proper application the ink will last longer on the skin than any other.
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This particular papaya shade of orange is a softer and more natural shade of orange, perfect for a wide variety of uses in a selection of tattoo designs. The softer colour makes it blend easily with other shades, but it is still a very clear and attractive orange which of course makes it an excellent selection to incorporate into more colourful tattoo designs or help make it a great choice for including in darker designs to produce a soft but clear focal point for the design. As part of the Intenze complete range of colours this is a very durable ink option, having been developed with the same scientifically formulated pigment as the other inks in the range, which means that it has the longest lasting pigment ink currently available on the market. The long lasting nature of the ink has certainly contributed to the popularity of the ink, which is quickly growing to be one of the most frequently selected ink ranges among professional tattoo artists around the world. The ink is available in a selection of the two most popular sizes; 1oz and 4oz, which ensures that you have access to everything you need, regardless of how many tattoos you are planning to produce with the colour, or how big they are. This also gives you the opportunity to reduce costs and waste materials when ordering your inks, certainly something that can be useful in any industry. We at Barber DTS aim to further improve the quality of the inks we supply be sterilizing all of the inks before delivery and never freezing them, which means that you can be completely confident that everything you order arrives clean, fresh and safe.