Intenze Midnight Green

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Midnight green is an attractive and long lasting colour available as part of the Intenze complete range of colours, so you can be confident of the high standards to which the ink was produced. The strong, dark green colour offers a wide variety of uses, particularly natural design uses, which ensures a rich and attractive result regardless of the size, style or complexity of the design in which you aim to incorporate this. The colour is available in 1oz bottles and like all inks supplied by Barber DTS it is sterilized before delivery and is never frozen, so you can have complete confidence in how clean, fresh and safe the ink is.
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Midnight green is an attractive, bold and dark shade of green that provides you with a fantastic colour option to use in a wide variety of your tattoo designs, regardless of the size, style or complexity of those designs. This is an appealing colour ink that offers an excellent filling colour for darker designs, or a brilliant contrasting colour for lighter designs and of course has a bold enough colour to provide an excellent addition to more vibrant and colourful tattoos. This is a particularly good choice for natural themed tattoo designs, as the colour is dark enough to be a more subtle selection, and soft enough to provide great blending opportunities. This particular shade of ink is one of the colours available as part of the Intenze complete range of colours, which means of course that it is developed to the same high standards as all Intenze inks. These inks are the longest lasting pigment inks in the world, thanks to their specifically developed scientific formula which ensures not only that the colour is strong on the skin, as smooth and even to apply as possible but also incredibly durable. We at Barber DTS aim to further improve the quality of the inks we supply be sterilizing all of the inks before delivery and never freezing them, which means that you can be completely confident that everything you order arrives clean, fresh and safe.