Intenze Light Purple

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This particular option from Intenze inks provides an attractive and effective solution for a wide variety of tattoo designs to offer long lasting results that are certain to satisfy you and your customers. This particular colour option is a bold shade of light purple, the colour is strong and bright enough to provide an excellently striking shade that is certain to draw attention to your tattoo designs and of course the ink is a smooth, even option which offers not only long lasting results, but an ink that is easy to apply. This is available in a selection of sizes which means that you have access to everything you need to complete any number of tattoos, big or small, and of course gives you the opportunity to reduce your costs and waste materials.
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This shade of light purple is an attractive selection which provides a fantastic colour to use in a wide variety of different designs to produce an effective and attractive appearance of the tattoo, this of course a high quality shade of soft, light purple which does heal lighter than the ink looks, making it a fantastic option for a wide variety of designs regardless of size, style or complexity, and easily suits light, dark and vividly coloured designs to produce very appealing results. This is of course available in the most popular sizes, so you have access to everything you need and to give you the opportunity to reduce your costs and waste materials, it is also one of the most popular inks on the market today, thanks to the long lasting nature of the ink’s pigment. The entire Intenze complete colours range benefits from these specifically scientifically formulated pigments designed to increase the durability of the ink, which results in the longest lasting ink pigment of any ink in the world. There are obvious reasons why this would make it one of the most popular tattoo colour ink collections in the world among a wide variety of professional tattoo artists.