Intenze Golden Rod

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This particular shade of gold is part of the Intenze complete range of colours. Golden Rod is an attractive and very bold shade of hold that offers a long lasting and enriching shade to perfectly suit any design, regardless of how large or complex it may be. This is of course a fantastic option for any number of tattoo artists and offers all the benefits as other Intenze inks, including an easy, smooth application and the longest lasting pigment of any tattoo ink in the world. As with all Barber DTS supplied inks this is never frozen and is sterilized before delivery, this ensures that all the products you receive are clean, fresh and safe.
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Golden Rod is a particularly intense and vibrant shade of gold, available as part of the Intenze complete range of colours. This shade is a strong colour which provides an excellent addition to a wide variety of tattoo designs, not only those that are simple and vibrant, but a selection of tattoo designs that are much more intricate and large can also benefit hugely from having this attractive shade of gold incorporated alongside the other colours. This is available in a selection of sizes to ensure that you have everything you need to accomplish the design you’re planning to produce, regardless of how big that may be or how many there may be. It also provides you with an excellent opportunity to reduce your costs and waste materials as much as possible by buying larger or smaller amounts of ink as and when they may be needed. The real benefit of the Intenze inks complete range of colours is the long lasting nature of the pigment; this is a scientifically formulated ink which is tested from manufacture to application to ensure it provides the longest lasting colour on the skin of any ink in the world. As a result this is also one of the most popular tattoo ink ranges among professional tattoo artists all around the planet.