Dragon Kit

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Intenze Inks Dragon Kit is a must have selection of inks for any professional artists interested in Japanese dragons. The inks have been made to replicate traditional inks that are used by Japanese masters in Japan. Included in the kit is Dragon Yellow, Dragon Turquoise, Dragon Red, Dragon Blue (Dark), Mario’s Dragon Green (Light) and Mario’s Dragon Green (Dark). The inks have been sterilised in accordance with European tattoo ink regulations, ensuring that the product is safe for you to use. Created with the artist in mind this is a must have ink that would make a great addition to your collection of inks.

Intenze Ink are pleased to present to you their fantastic 6 colour Dragon Kit ink set. The inks have been specifically designed for use on Japanese dragon tattoos, and are as close as possible to the traditional inks that are used in Japan. This fantastic kit will help you to produce the most stunning pieces of work that you can be proud of. To execute the perfect dragon tattoo it is imperative that you use only the colours provided in the kit. A must have for any professional looking to push the boundaries in tattooing and learn new skills. Each ink in the Dragon kit has been sterilised in accordance with European tattoo ink regulations, ensuring that it is a safe product for you to use. Intenze use technologically advanced safety measures that eliminate harmful bacteria’s from the ink. Their methods are so good that they even claim to have the best ink in the world. The Dragon Kit has been made with the artist in mind so that you get the best possible results from the ink you are using. It has been made to mimic the inks professional artist use in Japan but has also been based on the experiences, preferences and techniques of other professionals.