Intenze Blue Silver

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Typical grey is dull, silver is a little more interesting but blue silver provides some of the most attractive colouring available in a grey tone shade. This is part of the Intenze complete range of colours and offers an appealing option that can be beautifully included within a wide variety of designs regardless of whether it is selected to compliment a selection of other colours or add some subtle colour to a greywash design. This is a long lasting option and is part of a particularly popular range of colours which has been one of the most common favourite with professional tattoo artists around the world for years.
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Intenze Blue Silver Tattoo Farbe 30ml (1oz)
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This particular shade of silver is an attractive option, having a slight blue tint to provide the shiny look of silver rather than the dull look of grey. This offers an excellent addition to a wide range of designs and while it can provide you with an excellent, medium tone to include in colourful designs it can also provide you with a subtle, attractive and slightly more vibrant option to include alongside your greys and blacks in a greywash tattoo. This is widely known to be the longest lasting pigment ink available on the market thanks to the specifically designed scientific formula that goes into producing the ink. Naturally this contributes to the popularity of the range and it is certainly no surprise that this is one of the most popular options with professional tattoo artists all around the world. While this is of course an ink that provides excellent quality alone we at Barber DTS aim to improve the quality of all our products as much as possible. As such we sterilize all of our inks using gamma ray technology, which eliminates any potentially harmful bacteria within the ink, we also never freeze our inks, which means you can be certain that everything you order is as fresh is it could be.