Intenze Bamboo

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This shade of natural golden brown is known as Intenze Bamboo, having been produced by the world renowned ink supplier and holding the natural shade of bamboo sticks from which is takes its name. This is an attractive and long lasting colour, as you would expect of an Intenze product, and it provides you with an appealing colour to incorporate into just about any design without being particularly overwhelming to any other colours with which you may be using it. This is available in a selection of different sizes and is known to be the longest lasting range of ink pigments available on the market, thanks to the specifically developed scientific formulation that goes into producing these pigment inks.
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Intenze Bamboo Tattoo Farbe 30ml (1oz)
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This is a strong and attractive shade of golden brown available as part of the Intenze complete range of colours, which is a selection of fantastic shades of bold, soft, vivid and attractive colours. This particular option within the range is a great option for a wide variety of designs, giving you a natural option of golden brown and an attractive but slightly softer golden shade that can provide a fantastic colour to include in any number of designs regardless of how detailed, large or colourful the design might be, as this smooth ink blends and mixes excellently with a wide variation of other shades and colours. The ink is of course developed to the high standards you would come to expect of Intenze products, giving that they are a common favourite among professional tattoo artists all around the world. For your convenience there are a selection of popular sizes to choose from to help be certain that you have everything you need and of course this also provides you with the opportunity to reduce costs and waste materials as much as possible. These are also widely understood to be one of the most heavily tested inks on the market, from production to application, so you know that they are tried, tested and trusted by thousands of customers and artists from all across the earth.