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Ink It skin is a form of prosthetic skin used by artist to work on their skills. The skin will help you to improve on your line work, shading, colour work and blending. It is also good for strengthening the hand, boosting your confidence and allowing you to become familiarised with your tattoo machine. This is a brilliant piece of equipment for both beginners and professionals, looking to improve and show off their work. Acting as real skin would, ink is absorbed permanently and cannot be removed. The skin measure 6” X 6” and both sides of it can be used to tattoo on.
As an artist it’s important to constantly improve your skills regardless of whether or not you are a beginner or professional. Ink It tattoo skin is designed to help you do just that, a single sheet of prosthetic skin that allows you to work on your skills. The kit contains one sheet of skin and a strap to hold it in place on the desired area of the body. Once the skin is in place you can work on improving your line work, shading, colour work and blending, all of which are important skills to have as an artist. The skin will also help you to improve your confidence, become familiar with your tattoo machine and even help to strengthen your hand. As well as using the skin to practice on you can use it to display your work and show others what you are capable of, this is often a good way of proving your abilities to others. The sheet of skin measure 6” X 6” and acts like real skin would, absorbing the ink as a permanent tattoo. Both sides of the skin can be tattooed on and if you wish you can also use stencils and ball point pens to map out your design.