Ink Booster - 250ml

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Ink Booster is officially recommended by Cheyenne Tattoo Equipment. It is a cream designed to make the tattooing process easier on clients.

Ink Booster a cream designed to be used during the tattooing process. It reduces redness, soothes skin and relieves pain. It's very gentle on the skin and supports the flow and retention of ink. The cream is produced in Austria and is suitable for Vegans, being made without mineral oil or silicon. Cheyenne Tattoo Equipment officially supports and recommends Ink Booster.

Jack Shutt at All Ink Tattoo Studio had the following to say about it:

""After using many creams whilst tattooing I have started using Ink booster a few months ago. This product really is the dogs danglies!

I have Previously used A&d and Hustle butter and this by far is the better product, purely because it seems to be thinner and so a little goes along way. After you have got that stencil on there’s nothing worse than putting a little bit of cream on before you start and literally watching as the stencil starts to come away!

With ink booster, because it is thinner and easier to apply, I find it easy to rub in, which in turn is going to allow your stencil to stay on longer. It reduces the redness and it smells nice too, don’t know if it’s just me but reminds me of white chocolate! It's very gentle on the skin and supports the flow and retention of ink.

I would without a shadow of a doubt recommend this cream as I personally use this myself and will continue to do so! It’s the best!""