HAWK Thunder Drive in Orange

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It is important to remember that a grip is not included with this particular machine, but that doesn't make it any less valuable.

In fact this is seen by some as a more desirable trait of the machine, giving you the flexibility to confidently select a grip for your machine based on your own preferences, and regardless of what you choose you can be certain that it will work well alongside the Cheyenne HAWK Thunder Drive. This particular option is an attractive and very modern looking silver, and of course a very powerful and distinctive tattoo machine, following the same ergonomic design of the previous models but with a lot more power. The colouring, lining and shading capabilities of this single machine each rival their top-of-the-range counterparts, meaning that this one machine could replace two or three of your other machines.


When looking for a powerful and attractive option with a tattoo machine you need go no further than the HAWK Thunder Drive. This has been perfected over years of experience, not only with the manufacture of the machines, but using them too, the end result is an incredibly powerful, popular and effective tattoo machine. It is of course worth noting that this machine only includes the motor, the grip is not included, thought this could be considered a good thing as it means you have complete flexibility with regards to the sort of grip you might prefer to use alongside this machine. The machine has been developed not only to provide you with raw power, but flexibility too, machine a machine that enables lining, shading and colouring all in one place in complete comfort. Your style and concept won?t impact the effectiveness of the machine and won?t lose quality, because everything about this machine is at the highest possible level, with a total of 29 needle cartridges to give you unlimited possibilities. The machine offers a dramatically increased stroke, not up to 4mm, which means that you have excellent speed and acceleration values. This machine can work fantastically well at anywhere from 5 to 12 volts, sand offers an amazing frequency of anything between 70 and 170 punctures per second.