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Disposable hand towels can be an inexpensive and much easier solution to drying your hands that installing an electric hand dryer. Not only are they cheaper to purchase, there is minimal installation and no tricky wiring to navigate. Paper towels also no do not need regular checks or maintenance work, cutting down on your costs again. They are available in a variety of colours, with a suitable dispenser located on the supply page. We aim to make things easier for you by offering a compatible dispenser so you don't have to source your own and risk getting an incorrect size that does not fit.
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Hand Towels 1 ply Blue
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Hand Towels 2 ply White
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These handy paper hand towels can be extremely useful to have in reach at all times in the tattoo studio. The best place to have these located is next to sinks and hand washing stations in your studio, as well as in staff toilets and facilities. They are very useful to have next to a sink so the user can easily dry their hands in a sanitary and efficient manner. It also helps to minimise the potential for cross contamination. Using paper towels can be more hygienic that electric hot air hand dryers as they immediately dispose of the water and residual germs on the paper towel itself. This does not happen and water or bacteria can easily be spread around the area when using a hand dryer as it is not directed. They are also more costly to run and have installed initially. The dispensers for paper hand towels can easily be mounted on the wall in minutes, with no restrictions on power supply or space issues. Using paper hand towels can be a much quicker process than waiting for a hand dryer to completely dry your hands. You can also dry your hands on the move when using paper towels rather than needing to stay in one spot.