Hand Sanitiser Spray

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This convenient alcoholic hand gel can provide a solution to bacterial and infection transfer in the studio environment. Ideal for use when there is limited access to soap and water. It can also be as an additional step in the hand washing process. By cleansing with this hand gel once you have washed with soap and water, you can be sure that your hands are completely free from bacteria and germs that could put both you and your clients at risk of infection. This bottle also has the option of attaching a small clip, meaning it can be easily clipped onto your clothing or belt so it is always in reach quickly and easily.
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This superb hand sanitiser from Softalind is a high quality product that helps you to ensure your hands and skin are always clean and sanitised. Cut down on the risk of you cross-contaminating the environment and potentially the client by always having this hand gel on your person. It has the option of having a handy belt clip attached onto the bottle, meaning you can keep it clipped to your clothing or equipment at all times. This alcoholic hand rub is convenient and does not require the use of water or rinsing off the skin's surface. This means it is ideal when you are not in a position to directly access a sink or simply need to sanitise a small area. Keeping this close by can be very useful in a situation when time is of the essence and you will be able to quickly and easily access this hand gel which eliminate bacteria and infection. It is ideal for use once you have washed your hands with soap and water and want to take an additional step to ensure that your hands are free from bacteria and infection. It is also suitable for those times when you may not be able to get to soap and water easily and can make do with this gel in an emergency situation.