Economy Grommets Hard Top Hat Black 100

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With a wide selection of shapes, colours, designs and materials to choose from with any number of tattoo supplies it is no surprise that even something as simple of grommets would be available in a selection of variations, including this particular hard top hat style grommets black pack of 100. These are a simple but effective solution, supplied as a pack of 100 they give a durable, black design that works to cushion and hold the connection between the needle bar and the armature bar on your tattoo machine, providing you with a more effective tattooing experience regardless of your particular requirements. Simply place the grommet through the loop of the needle bar and then attach it to the armature bar and you’re ready to start.
As a tattoo artist you of course understand that there are no shortage of tattoo supplies available on the market, and regardless of what you’re looking for there are always a number of variations available that make use of different designs, colours, shapes, materials, sizes and are produced by different brands, so there is certain to be something that suits your particular requirements, regardless of what it is you’re looking for. This particular product selection offers grommets, which help to cushion and hold a connection between the needle bar and aperture bar on your tattoo machine, but of course this is a task that causes them to come under a lot of heavy duty, abrasive treatment, meaning that they do need to be replaced on a reasonably regular basis. This selection of products provides you with a pack of 100 grommets, all of which use a black top hat design, which is a popular, durable and economic selection that provides an effective solution for the task. These are easy to work with and fit to the machine, simply place them through the loop of the needle bar, then attach to the machine’s aperture bar and you’re ready to go. These offer a fantastic, cost effective and disposable selection that is certain to keep you working effectively for a considerable time to come.