Glove Dispenser

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Suitable for any box of gloves, this dispenser will help keep your studio clear and tidy. It has a wipe clean surface and can be fixed to the wall to help save space and allow your gloves to be located in the most convenient place for you. Using a glove dispenser allows for hygienic dispersal of gloves and will avoid any problems that are often associated with wet or damaged glove boxes. It has a heavy duty wore construction that is plastic coated and will hold most standard boxes containing 100 gloves.
Having a glove dispenser in your studio can not only help you keep your workstation organised and tidy but it can also make sure that hygiene standards are always at their highest. This glove dispenser is suitable for fixing to the wall so you can located your gloves in the most convenient place for you to use frequently. It is made from heavy duty wore and has been coated in plastic which makes it easy to clean and easy to refill. The glove dispenser will accommodate most standard boxes of gloves that typically contain 100 individual gloves or 50 pairs.