Eternal Muted Earth Tones Ink - Salmon

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Salmon is just one of the many natural, attractive and durable colours you will find in the eternal ink muted earthtone range. This is of course a vibrant and bold option that can make a perfect addition to any tattoo, regardless of whether you’re aiming to use it over a large or small area of a design. The ink is available in a selection of sizes, not only allowing you to order as much as you need more conveniently but also allowing you to reduce costs and waste materials. The ink is also produced with natural ingredients, so it is a non-toxic and organic pigment ink, making it less abrasive on the skin. All of our inks will arrive to you clean and fresh, as we never freeze them and we are one of the very few suppliers to have a strict sterilization process.
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Eternal Ink Muted Earth Tones Salmon 1oz
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The muted earthtone range includes a wide selection of colours, such as this one, which provide a natural and strong shade to provide an attractive and long lasting addition to any tattoo design. The colours range from greys and dark, earthy browns to vibrant summer sky blues and of course this intense shade of natural salmon red. The colours are all available in a selection of the most popular sizes, so you can be sure that regardless of how big the designs, or how many designs you are aiming to produce with this ink you can order as much as you need. It also provides you with the opportunity to reduce your costs and waste materials as much as possible in the process. The ink, like all eternal inks, is produces with a selection of natural materials which help to ensure not only that the ink offers a strong, natural and long lasting colour, but also that it provides a non-toxic and organic solution to your tattoo ink needs. This is further aided by our process of sterilizing our inks, something which very few suppliers invest in. The process includes the use of gamma radiation to eliminate any potentially harmful bacteria within the ink that might otherwise be the cause of irritation, allergic reaction or even infection.