Eternal Portrait Ink - Sable

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Eternal sable is a soft, long lasting shade of sable brown which has been specifically developed by eternal inks as part of the portrait colours range, so you can of course expect that it will make a fantastic addition to any portrait tattoos you might be working with. The colour is a soft, easy one for blending and filling larger areas, and of course dark enough to be used to highlight the finer features of a design. This ink is, like all eternal inks, produced using natural materials to ensure a non-toxic and organic result, which is then sterilized to reduce the chances of the ink causing irritation, allergic reaction or infection as much as possible.
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Eternal Ink Portrait Skin Tones Sable 1oz
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Eternal Portrait Ink - Sable - 2oz (60ml)
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Eternal sable is a soft but rich shade of brown that makes an excellent addition to just about any portrait tattoo, offering a fantastic, lasting shade that blends well with other colours, remains soft enough to use alone even in larger sections of a design and yet is dark enough to provide an eye catching focal point to smaller details of a design. This is a high quality shade that provides almost endless possibilities and of course is available as part of the portrait colours range, having been specifically designed alongside a wide variety of other colours for specific use within portrait tattoos. To ensure your needs are met regardless of the size, type or number of portrait tattoos you intend to use the ink for we supply this shade in a selection of some of the most popular sizes, to ensure not only that you have as much ink as you need, but also to provide you with the opportunity to save costs and waste materials as much as possible. The ink is, as are all eternal inks, a non-toxic and organic option, thanks to the selection of natural materials that go into producing the colour. To further ensure the quality of our products we sterilize all of our inks using gamma radiation to eliminate any potentially harmful bacteria.