Eternal Portrait Ink - Rust

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Eternal rust is an attractive and durable colour within the eternal inks range of portrait colours, and is one of the many shades released by Eternal Inks that provides a perfect opportunity for incorporating into your portrait tattoo designs. The colour is a fantastic, high quality shade of rusty brown that blends well with a range of other colours such as flesh tones and various other shadows and highlight tones to ensure the best possible, realistic results from your portrait tattoos. The ink is a non-toxic and organic option to ensure the best possible results and comfort for your customer, and to ensure convenience to you the colour is available in a few of the most popular sizes.
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Eternal Ink Portrait Skin Tones Rust 1oz
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Eternal Portrait Ink - Rust - 2oz (60ml)
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This is a red-brown shade that provides an attractive and long lasting option that can be incorporated effectively into any number of portrait tattoo designs to produce an effective and beautiful end result. This colour is one of many strong and perfectly designed skin tones and other such shades that belong to the eternal inks portrait colours range, which features not only skin tones but bold and vivid shades of blue, pink, green, purple and other such shades that can help to add more depth and realism to a portrait tattoo. This ink is available in a selection of some of the most popular sizes to ensure that you have everything you need regardless of what you will be using the ink for or how frequently you will be using it, this also gives you the opportunity to reduce your costs and waste materials as much as possible. The ink is, like all eternal inks, produced using a selection of natural materials which help to ensure that the end result is not just a bold and durable colour but also that the ink is a non-toxic and organic option. Organic pigment inks like this one are popular due to their less abrasive nature, which means that the ink is less likely to cause irritation to the skin when applied or during the healing process, so is more likely to heal nicely.