Eternal Portrait Ink - Rose Satin

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This shade of rose satin is a soft, subtle skin tone ideal for a wide range of uses within all of your new portrait designs. It is an attractive and long lasting selection that offers a high quality, non-toxic and organic ink, which means of course that it is less likely to cause irritation to the skin when applied as organic pigment inks are less abrasive to the skin. The ink is available in a selection of the most popular sizes to ensure that you have everything you need and of course give you the opportunity to reduce costs and waste materials. Like all of our inks this will never be frozen, so you know it is fresh, and it will be sterilized before shipping so you can be certain the ink is clean.
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Eternal Ink Portrait Skin Tones Rose Satin 1oz
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Eternal rose satin is a soft and luxurious looking shade of fleshy pink, offering a darker and warmer colouration than some of the alternatives. This is of course a very attractive and useful colour to use in a wide variety of portrait tattoo designs, regardless of whether you hope to use it as the primary skin tone, in which case it is dark and subtle enough to work well, blending with your customer’s natural skin tone as much as the other colours you incorporate into your tattoo design. The colour can also be used as highlight in darker portraits or shadows in lighter, offering you a selection of excellent purposes and a range of ink bottle sizes to go with them to ensure you have everything you need. The ink, like all eternal inks, is a non-toxic and organic option, thanks to the selection of natural materials that go into producing the ink. This makes the ink particularly desirable, as organic pigment inks are less abrasive against the skin and thus less likely to cause irritation to the skin when applied, which means that the ink is a more comfortable choice for the customer in some cases and more likely to heal well.