Eternal M Series Ink - Rich Medium Flesh

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This is an ideal, medium flesh tone as the rich colouration allows it to stand out more effectively against other shades, but of course like most portrait colours it is also capable of blending well with a selection of other shades, making it a great option for the base of a portrait as much as a highlighting or shadowing feature. The ink is a high quality and long lasting one, produced with a selection of natural materials to ensure the non-toxic and organic nature of the ink. We also sterilized all of our inks, this eliminates any potentially harmful bacteria to ensure the cleanliness of all the ink you order from us.
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Eternal Ink Mike DeVries Rich Medium Flesh 1oz
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This rich shade of medium flesh is a fantastic option for a wide variety of your portrait tattoo designs, given that the colour provides a good solid medium tone so it can be used as a good base for the portrait but also blends well and offers a strong colour, which allows it to be used more flexibly within shadows and highlights of the design. There are of course a wide variety of skin tones to choose from and selecting the right one will have a big impact on the value of the completed design, so you should be sure to choose carefully. This colour is just one of 18 designed as part of the M series within the eternal inks portrait colours range, being one of the colours designed by Mike Devries and Mario Rosenau; two of the world’s leading portrait tattoo artists. The ink is produced using a selection of natural ingredients to ensure not only that the colour is strong and long lasting, but also that the ink is a non-toxic and organic solution to your needs, which helps to ensure the best possible results. We supply this in a small selection of some popular sizes to ensure that you have what you need from the ink and of course, like all of our inks, we ensure it is sterilized to eliminate any potentially harmful bacteria and it is never frozen, to ensure the freshness of the ink you order.