Eternal Liz Cook Ink - Red Violet

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Eternal inks ensure all of your needs are met with their ranges of tattoo inks, particularly with options like those found in the portrait colours range. Portrait tattoos are increasingly popular today, meaning that a selection of good portrait colours is a must for any tattoo shop or professional artist. One particular selection that provides some attractive colours is of course the Liz Cook series; a collection of 23 colours designed by the world famous portrait artist Liz Cook herself. As with all eternal inks these are non-toxic and organic, and as always we ensure that all of the inks we supply are never frozen to give you the freshest possible ink and we sterilize the inks, to ensure that they’re clean.
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Eternal Liz Cook Ink - Red Violet - 2oz (60ml)
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This is a vibrant and bold option when it comes to finding a passionate and strong colour to use as part of any tattoo design; however the real quality of the colour is to be found when using it as part of a portrait piece. This particular colour is one of the 23 in a series of shades that were all designed by the world famous portrait tattoo artist Liz Cook. The colour is not only good quality and long lasting, but also a fantastic option for blending with a selection of other portrait colours, particularly for use in darker areas of the design to provide more depth to the image. The ink itself is produced using a selection of natural ingredients which ensure not only that the ink is a vibrant and long lasting option, but also that it is a non-toxic and organic solution to all of your portrait ink needs. The organic pigment inks, like this one, are increasingly desirable as they are less abrasive against the skin which reduces the chances the application of the tattoo will cause irritation and also helps to ensure that the tattoo is more likely to heal properly. This is further aided by our process of sterilizing the ink before shipping it.