Eternal Zombie Ink - Putrid Brown

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When it comes to finding the right shade of putrid brown for your latest zombie inspired tattoo you should look no further than the eternal inks rather unusual and very specifically designs collection of zombie colours. The range includes a selection of shades, inspired by all manner of disease, horror and death to provide the perfect range of zombie colours for any piece you could imagine. These are all organic, non-toxic inks and are available in a selection of sizes to be certain that you have access to everything you need. To ensure the quality of the inks, and your confidence in using them, we are certain to always sterilize our inks, which means no nasty bacteria that might cause discomfort or even harm to your customers.
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Eternal Ink Zombie Putrid Brown 1oz
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The eternal inks range of zombie and horror inspired colours offers just about everything you would need for completing the perfect zombie theme tattoo, which is of course a growing trend in the industry. The inks are all of high quality design and manufacture to ensure not only an attractively disgusting colour but also a long lasting and effective option. This particular shade of putrid brown is well named, offering a sickly, dusty shade of brown that provides for excellent design opportunities, being soft enough to fill in larger areas of a simple design without looking out of place or too bold and an ideally neutral shade which makes it perfect from blending with other colours. These are available in a selection of colours to ensure that you have access to as much as you need, this also provides you with the chance to reduce your costs and waste materials a little where possible. The ink, like all eternal inks, are produced using natural materials which help to ensure not only that the colour is a natural, neutral and long lasting option and also ensure that the ink produced is a non-toxic and organic solution to all of your tattoo ink needs.