Eternal Portrait Ink - Papaya

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Papaya is a warm and attractive option of a skin tone pink that provides a wide number of possible uses, both as a portrait tattoo ink and a general purpose ink. The shade is soft enough to allow the ink to be used over a large area, yet bold enough to provide more depth to a portrait and of course blends easily with a selection of other skin tones and colours, which makes it an ideal option for use in portrait works. The ink is a non-toxic and organic option, which ensures that it is a good quality ink as well as having strong, long lasting colour and of course we ensure all of our inks are sterilized, so you can be sure they’re clean.
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Eternal Ink Portrait Skin Tones Papaya 1oz
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Papaya is a warm and attractive shade offering a much brighter skin tone than you might normally consider but providing an extensive selection of opportunities when incorporating the colour into a portrait tattoo design. The skin tone offers flexibility in that it can be blended with a wide range of colours and shades to produce a detailed and in depth portrait tattoo, and of course is soft enough to be used alone over a large area in the less detailed designs. There are a wide variety of colours available in the portrait colours range, including a selection of other warm, cool and medium skin tones alongside much bolder and brighter shades such as pinks, blues and greens. The ink is produced using a selection of natural ingredients which help to ensure not only that the colour is bold and long lasting, but also that the ink itself is a non-toxic and organic solution to your needs. This is a reliable and durable option but also increasingly popular as being an organic pigment ink means that it is less abrasive against the skin and thus less likely to cause irritation when applied. We aim to further improve this process by ensuring that all of our inks are sterilized before shipping, which ensures any potentially harmful bacteria that might have otherwise cause irritation or even infection, are removed.