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Lining black is a strong, solid colour produced to a high standard so as to ensure the bold qualities of the colour are retained over time. This is a colour that you will of course use on a regular basis and in varied amounts depending on your style and the usual number of tattoos you do in any given timeframe, so as to ensure all of your needs are met, as well as give you the chance to reduce costs and waste materials, we supply these inks in a wide variety of sizes. The ink itself is an organic, non-toxic option which is sterilized and never frozen, so you can be confident of the quality, cleanliness and freshness of the ink.

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Eternal Ink 1/2oz Lining Black
8,75 € inkl. Mwst.: 10,50 €
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Eternal Ink Liner Black 1oz
16,00 € inkl. Mwst.: 19,20 €
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Eternal Ink Liner Black 2oz
29,50 € inkl. Mwst.: 35,40 €
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Eternal Ink Liner Black 4oz
53,50 € inkl. Mwst.: 64,20 €
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Eternal Ink - Lining Black - 8oz (250ml)
68,50 € inkl. Mwst.: 82,20 €
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Lining is something most tattoo artists will do on a daily basis and you generally find you go through more black lining ink than any other colour. Of course with something you use so frequently you want to be sure you’re getting good quality results, which is why this particular option provided by eternal inks is quite so good. The ink, as with all eternal inks, is a high quality option that provides long lasting, durable colour that offers as little fade as possible, this is available in a selection of sizes to ensure you’re getting what you need from the ink and to provide you with the opportunity to reduce your costs and waste materials. The ink itself is produced using a selection of natural materials, which not only help to ensure that the ink is of a high quality but also help to ensure that the resulting ink is a non-toxic organic option. The organic nature of the ink makes it a much more comfortable option, as the organic pigment is less likely to cause irritation when applied to the skin compared to some of the alternatives. To further ensure the comfort and safety of your customers we also sterilize our inks, which includes the use of gamma ray technology to eliminate any potentially harmful bacteria that may otherwise be present within the ink, bacteria that would have otherwise been the most likely cause of skin irritation, allergic reactions and even infections.