Eternal Portrait Ink - Light Peach

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This is a strong and long lasting colour as part of the eternal inks portrait colours range, it provides a fantastic option for flesh and skin tone areas as the shade of light peach not only make an ideal solution to most skin tones but also blends easily with a variety of other skin tones to provide a more detailed and in depth appearance to the portrait tattoo. This is available in a selection of sizes to ensure you have the amount of ink you need without producing extra costs or waste materials in the process, and the ink itself is an fantastic non-toxic, organic solution to your needs.
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Eternal Ink Portait Skin Tones Light Peach 1oz
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The eternal light peach offers an ideal flesh tone for a wide variety of portrait tattoos, regardless of whether you plan to blend this with other flesh tones or use it over a large area independently. The colour is, not surprisingly, part of the eternal inks portrait colours range and is available in a selection of sizes to ensure your convenience. This means that regardless of the size or detail of the tattoo you’re planning to produce with the ink, or how many tattoos you might be planning to do within a particular time frame, you will have enough ink without producing excess costs or waste materials that you don’t need. The ink is produced using a selection of the best possible natural materials that help to ensure not only that the colour is long lasting and bold against the skin, but also means that the resulting ink is an organic and non-toxic option. It is the organic nature of the ink that provides particular benefits as this means it is less likely to cause irritation to the skin. We further help this by ensuring that the ink is sterilized before distribution, which helps to ensure that any potentially harmful bacteria is eliminated.